E-commerce optimization

Data entry

Imagine a world where adding and modifying bulk items in your webshop is quick, efficient, and error-free. This is not a distant dream but a reality thanks to the powerful import and export features of many E-commerce platforms! Save yourself time and money by employing expert data entry services and enjoy a seamless integration of your products. No errors, no delays, no worries!

Productpage optimization


Of course, you want your website to lead to more conversions and sales. But what if the visitor numbers are high, yet the conversion lags behind? Or if the bounce rate percentage is high, causing customers to quickly leave your website without making a purchase? Then it's high time to optimize your website!

The product page is often the moment when the potential customer decides whether to make a purchase or not. Therefore, it is crucial that this page is user-friendly and the customer can quickly find the right information. The product image should be of good quality, the description should be clear and complete, and the price should be clearly stated. But there are many more aspects that are important for a good product page.

Fortunately, you don't have to figure all of this out on your own because we are here to help you optimize your website. We investigate what can be improved and offer solutions to the problems we encounter. With our years of experience in conversion optimization, we know exactly what it takes to make your website a success.


Marketplace optimization

 Are you an ambitious entrepreneur looking to sell your products online? You're probably already active on various marketplaces. But what if the results are disappointing, and the conversions are lower than expected? Don't worry, this happens more often than you think, and there are various reasons for it.

A common issue is that your items are difficult to find on the platform. This may be related to the search terms you use, the product description, or even the images you upload. Additionally, the product page may be unclear or the listing may not be SEO-friendly. As a result, customers get confused and abandon their shopping.

But no worries, we're here to identify and resolve the causes of low conversions. Together with you, we'll assess your presence on marketplaces and develop a robust improvement plan. We ensure that your products are more discoverable, your product pages are clearer, and your listings are SEO-friendly. This will increase your conversions, and you can finally achieve the online sales you've always dreamed of. In short, don't wait any longer; get in touch with us to boost your online success.